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A few pictures with the texts

Texts and pictures with Morocco
The story of sergeant Ben Daoud about Kapelle

Flag of Morocco

Map Morocco and adjacent countries

Operation Amherst

Cemetery in Kapelle

Cemetery in Schiermonnikoog

Sultan Mohammed V, son moulay Hassan and general Clark

Moroccan soldiers in Flushing

Texts and pictures with the Netherlands
The story from Truus Menger

Flag of the Netherlands

Map of the Netherlands and adjacent countries

The 'Hands' by Truus Menger

Hannie Schaft

Truus Menger and Hannie Schaft

Truus Menger

Jan Bonekamp, Truus and Freddie Oversteegen, Hannie Schaft

Hannie Schaft monument in Zaandam

Texts and pictures with the Netherlands Antilles
Story of the 'Apeldoorn's forest' (Antillian jews)

Flag of the Netherlands Antilles

Map of the Netherlands Antilles and adjacent countries

Pamphlet calling for service in the KNIL

Boy Ecury

Bust of Boy Ecury in Oranjestad

Monument WW II on Aruba

From the film 'Boy Ecury'

From the film 'Boy Ecury'

Remembrance ceremony in Madurodam

George Maduro

Texts and pictures with the Netherlands Indies
Story of Max Tauran
Story of Jacob Litamahuputty
Story of Han Bawits
Story of Friar Angelus
Story of prof. Brugmans

Flag of the Netherlands Indies (until 17 August 1945)

Map of the Netherlands Indies and adjacentcountries

Flag of Indonesia (from 17 Augustus 1945)

Barrac during internment

Attack on Pearl Harbour

Recruiting children for the military youth movement

Consequences of food-shortage in internment camp

Saluting a Japanese commander in a womens internernment camp

Women and children in a barrac

Consequences of the atom bomb

Drawing from a barrac in an internment camp

Soekarno during a speech

Talisman from a Japanese soldier

Airial picture from camp Kuching

Ill-treatment in camp Kuching

Texts and pictures with Surinam
Story of Theophilia D'Hondt

Flag of Surinam

Map of Surinam and adjacent countries

Fort Zeelandia

Anton de Kom square under construction

Anton de Kom

Lou Lichtveld (A. Helman - l.) and H. Marsman

M. v. Kleef, C. Hawkins and F. Johnson

'Kid Dynamite'

Max Woiski jr.

Book A. de Kom: 'We slaves of Surinam'

Poster against 'degenerated music'

Texts and pictures with Turkey
Haci Karacaer about remembrance

Flag of Turkey

Map of Turkey and adjacent countries

Ismet Inönü

The 'Struma'

Postcard from nazi-Germany sent to Istanbul

Escape from prisoners from the train (filmfragment)

Plan of Westerbork


Route of the repatriates

Jacob Mogroby


TOdays immigrants & latterday war

World war in the West

Boy Ecury - an Antillian boy in the resistance

Graves in the clay